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Permanent Makeup

Permanent makeup also known as semi-permanent makeup and micro-pigmentation is a revolutionary beauty treatment used to enhance eyes, brows and lips to give a natural finish that imitates perfectly applied makeup.

The effect is achieved by infusing hypo-allergenic pigments into the dermal layer of the skin. The result can be as subtle or dramatic as you wish, to give a long lasting look that enhances your natural beauty.


Ombré brows: £250

Hairstroke: £250

Colour mis: £250

Combination: £250

Correction work from: £275

Recolour appointment 4-6 weeks after initial treatment: £50


Lip Blush: £250

Full lip colour: £250

Recolour appointment 4-6 weeks after initial treatment: £60


Eyeliner top or bottom: £195

Lash Enhancement: £190

Eyeliner top and bottom: £245

Recolour appointment 4-6 weeks after intial treatment: £60

Further recolour appointments 4-6 weeks from the last: £45

TW Plasma

TW Plasma safe, effective and comfortable professional treatment for lines, wrinkles and excess skin. The results of TW Plasma are dramatic and long-lasting!

TW Plasma treatment works by instantly stimulating the skin by “fibroblasting” with a non-invasive Plasma pen which contracts, tightens and rejuvenates the skin around the affected area.

TW Plasma can be used as a great alternative to surgery or injectable treatments such as an upper eyelid lift, (upper eye blepharoplasty.)

Advantages of using TW Plasma instead of invasive and painful surgery are:

  • No Injections                     ° No Surgical removal of the skin.

  • No sutures or stitching      ° Low-risk treatment

  • Fast procedure time          ° Fast recovery time

  • Affordable Treatment        ° Long-lasting results

  • No Scars                           ° No overcorrection possible

TW Plasma can also be used anywhere on the body and can also treat and improve stretch marks, scars and age spots.

  • Crows feet                        ° Loose Stomach Skin

  • Wrinkling/sagging neck      ° Bags under the eyes

  • Frown lines                       ° Sagging Jawline

  • Hollow cheeks                   ° Smile lines

  • Nose to mouth lines          ° Drooping upper and lower eyelids

  • Smokers lines                    ° Loose arm skin

  • Wrinkled hands                  ° Stretch marks


Upper eye area (non surgical eyelift): £350

Under eye area: £350

Crows feet: £250

Forehead: £350

Lip lines: £350

Neckline tightening: from £350

Jaw line tightening: from £350

Additional treatment during the same session: £150 (facial areas only)

Discounted packages and complimentary consultations available. Clinics available in Bournemouth and Poole.

£50 non refundable deposit required when booking a Love Plasma treatment.

Cancellations always require 24 hours notice.

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