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What sets us apart/

How we create beautiful enhancements...

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World Leading Technology

All of our Permanent Makeup and Medical Micro-Pigmentation treatments are created using the leading technology in the world of Permanent Makeup (micro-pigmentation).

The Biotek Artè device is a world leader in Permanent Makeup technology and techniques, it is very powerful which means it effortlessly glides into the skin with meticulous attention to detail with minimal trauma meaning much less discomfort for you.

Longer lasting treatments

The Biotek pigments we use are made with exclusive technologies, this includes an anti UV coating process to reduce the rate of the pigment fading in UV light and Bio-Cover technology which slows down the immune systems ability to break down pigment in the body.

This means that your enhancement will not only last longer but will resist colour change over time too.

Biotek pigments are hypoallergenic and are also suitable for clients with nickel allergies.

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Preventing allergic reactions

All of the needles used for our treatments in the Biotek collection are made from high grade stainless steel, typically used in medical implants, to prevent allergic reaction.

Unlike many needles on the market Biotek needles are silver-soldered together in the cartridge, ensuring a smooth entry into the skin. This keeps discomfort to the minimum and promotes faster healing times. They are made in Italy to the highest European standards, to ensure client safety as well as results.

Client safety

We are very proud to offer a completely disposable service for client safety.

This means that everything used during your Permanent Makeup procedure is thrown away straight after treatment. I favour disposable measuring rulers over metal callipers (that rely on barbacide to be cleaned). I also provide disposable bonnets instead of fabric headbands that could potentially harbour bacteria.

If only one tiny line is drawn with a pencil after the skin has been broken, the pencil is disposed of. If only one tiny hair is plucked once the skin has been broken, my client will go home with a lovely new set of tweezers!

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Sensitivity testing

Sensitivity testing for pigments can cause controversy in the permanent makeup industry simply due to the fact that it is possible for the skin to develop a delayed allergic reaction to pigment even though the initial test proved negative.


However a reputable and responsible technician should provide a patch test to all new clients regardless, not only to cover all bases but also because insurance companies insist on it - even for the smallest of beauty spots.

If a technician is fobbing off the need for a pre-procedure patch test you need to ask yourself, what other rules do they break?

In fact, do they even have insurance at all?

We will always insist on providing a patch test for the Biotek pigments and numbing agents used either via direct application at your consultation or via a spot plaster sent out in the post.

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